How to Get a Domain Name

Digital Communications approves all web domain names that end in “” Our staff reviews name requests to ensure that each reflects a suitable and effective choice. Good domain names will clearly communicate a site’s identity or purpose while respecting the university’s broader name use concerns. Digital Communications can provide guidance on name selection and suggest alternatives when appropriate.

What domain can you get?

All primary domain names ending in are approved by Digital Communications in consultation with University Counsel. A primary domain is in the format For example, the Dining domain is and this is a primary domain.

Things to know about obtaining a primary domain:

  • Do not assume you can have whatever you want. It must be approved first. Fill out the domain request form to get approval.
  • It can take up to 14 business days to get approval, so make the request early in the process.
  • We are no longer granting website domains that begin with You must request it in the format of So, will not be granted, but may be granted pending review.
  • We do not set up primary domains that redirect to other domains. The domain name must resolve to your website. If you want a redirect domain, use our Go Script ( URL shortening service. 
  • We do not approve multiple, similar domains intended to avoid user typos or confusion. For example, we will not approve both and
  • You should know where your site is or where it will be hosted before you request a domain. Find out how to determine where a site is hosted at Tufts.
  • Your domain name must conform to the Tufts name use policy.
  • You are not likely to be granted an extremely generic domain name if it could apply to other entities at Tufts. For example, we would not grant to a specific department or unit.

How to request a domain name

When you know where your website will be hosted and you have selected a specific (and not too general) domain name, fill out our domain name request form.

Remember, it can take up to 14 business days to get approval for your domain, so do not wait until the last minute.

How to move an existing domain

When your site begins with, you cannot move this domain to a new web host. You will need to request a new domain for your site. If you are, for example,, then you will want to follow the procedures above to request

Similarly, if your site begins with, you cannot move it to a new web host. You will need to pick a new domain following the procedure above.

If you have a primary domain ( and wish to move from one web host at Tufts to another, you should start by contacting your current web host. They will assist you with moving your domain. As a courtesy, you should never move your domain to a new web host without telling your current web host first. Read this to find your current web host or contact Digital Communications at and we’ll try to help.

Generally, moving an existing domain name involves submitting a request for a DNS change. Only FSPs can make these requests directly, so contact your web host first.

A note about externally hosted domains

Currently, there is no procedure in place for hosting externally. If you are unable to host your site on the Tufts system, you will need to choose a .org or .com domain for your site. These domains must still conform to the Tufts Name Use Policy .