Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow users to post content to their websites usually via a web-based interface. CMS options at Tufts are not centralized. There is no single university-sanctioned CMS, but you do have some choices should you wish to use CMS for your website.

  • WordPress – TTS offers the WordPress tool for quickly creating fast, easily updated websites. Read more about the WordPress tool and how to set up your own WordPress site.
  • SiteCore (OASYS) – OIT (Office of Information Technology on the Boston campus) offers the enterprise CMS system SiteCore (OASYS). For more information on the costs and process for putting your site into SiteCore, contact OIT at
  • Thinwire – Thinwire is a "lite" CMS developed by Digital Communications to meet the needs of small to medium-sized sites. No new sites are launching in Thinwire 2.0.

In the past, Digital Communications offered content management via Fatwire, an enterprise CMS application. Fatwire was shut down in 2012.