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About Digital Communications

Digital Communications is a department of Tufts’ University Relations division.  Digital Communications’ mission is to use the web and emerging technologies to engage our audience with the Tufts story and to enable our partners across the university to do the same. We collaborate with our colleagues in University Relations, as well as with communications staff across the university, to create and disseminate web content that supports the university’s key messages and brand. The content we produce covers a broad range of topics from faculty research to student life, and we publish across multiple media, including text, live chat, blogs, slideshows, photo galleries, audio and video, to meet the needs of a diverse audience that finds, consumes and shares information in many different ways.

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Digital Communications

Formed in the spring of 2005, the Digital Communications team is the leader of developing and implementing the university-wide web strategy.

Comprised of both web developers and content producers, the Digital Communications team strives to make use of emerging technologies to engage web users with the Tufts story.


Digi Comm Blog

What’s Digi Comm up to? Read our blog to learn more about projects, accolades, launches, travels and other adventures in Digital Communications.